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BlueSense Apple iOS 8 Application:




The greatest Bluetooth wireless gift for the man who has everything!

The last mousetrap you will need to purchase.  Why wait until you have a rodent infestation buy a self monitoring trap to know when you start to have a problem?


Don’t rely on your cat anymore or the pest control company to be there to catch the first one.


Locate in hard to monitor areas like attics, and basements crawl spaces.

You will no longer find traps empty for days or weeks with no bait or a 2-week old dead critter left unattended in the trap.


Note: The SensorBug can still be used with other traps by putting the accelerometer in Vibration mode instead of VerminAlert mode.



VerminAlert supports iPhone iOS 8 and will soon work with Android Smart Phones. Easily configurable.


VerminAlert Technology can work with any mechanically spring loaded trap or glue traps.


VerminAlert has a 7 year battery life – uses CR2032 coin battery.


VerminAlert can be used over-and-over.


CR2032 coin battery included

Minimum Systems requirements:  iOS 7


Size: 108 x 53 x 57mm

Moustrap triggered and closed and in alert mode. Electronic sensor can be removed and added to similar style traps for rats.

Mousetrap set and ready for activation.


This product is NOT an open system for developers!
Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Wireless SensorBug - Low Profile, 100 meter Line of Sight performance. Included with the purchase is a free BlueSense Apple iOS environmental awareness application that allows you to manage all of your BLEhome Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) wireless sensors and home automation devices. It provides a user friendly and interactive way to monitor (via alerts), configure, and control your surroundings. Configurable using BlueSense iOS which is available free from Apple iTunes. Compatibility: Requires iOS 7 or later.


While this product is intended to provide you with notification of an alarm event and/or command and control, it is not a substitute for a professionally monitor and remote control system. The device can only function properly if set-up as directed in the User Guide.  It requires one or more of the following: continuous or battery power, internet connection, a functioning wired/wireless network and router, and the use of a third party client web monitoring remote device.

Warning: This is not a life or a loss of property safety device guaranteed solution.