Sensing Motion

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BlueSense Apple iOS 8 Application: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bluesense/id629235174?mt=8


Alerts phone on movement or low battery inidication

Tamper Alert if unit is moved

LED Status

Pairing Button

CR2450 coin battery included

76mm x 32mm x 26mm



iIndoor use only out of direct sunlight.





This product is NOT an open system for developers!
Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Wireless SensorBug - Low Profile, 100 meter Line of Sight performance. Included with the purchase is a free BlueSense Apple iOS environmental awareness application that allows you to manage all of your BLEhome Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) wireless sensors and home automation devices. It provides a user friendly and interactive way to monitor (via alerts), configure, and control your surroundings. Configurable using BlueSense iOS which is available free from Apple iTunes. Compatibility: Requires iOS 7 or later.


While this product is intended to provide you with notification of an alarm event and/or command and control, it is not a substitute for a professionally monitor and remote control system. The device can only function properly if set-up as directed in the User Guide.  It requires one or more of the following: continuous or battery power, internet connection, a functioning wired/wireless network and router, and the use of a third party client web monitoring remote device.

Warning: This is not a life or a loss of property safety device guaranteed solution.