adobeCarBatteryAlert Quick Start Guide (478 KB)

adobeWireless Installation Considerations (18 KB)

Free CarBatteryAlert Apple iOS 8 Application:

This application is NOT part of BlueSense


Automatic notification of low car battery status or performance before you need to use the car.

Almost 50% of AAA Service calls are due to low battery problems.

+100 meter Line of Sight performance.

Size: 52 x 44 x 24mm



































While this product is intended to provide you with notification of an alarm event and/or command and control, it is not a substitute for a professionally monitor and remote control system. The device can only function properly if set-up as directed in the User Guide.  It requires one or more of the following: continuous or battery power, internet connection, a functioning wired/wireless network and router, and the use of a third party client web monitoring remote device.

Warning: This is not a life or a loss of property safety device guaranteed solution.